ADK Electric, LLC 

About Us

An Electrical Contractor With a "Make It Happen" Business Philosophy.

For nearly 20 years, ADK Electric, LLC has been providing quality, on-time, on spec, electrical contracting. Founded in 1990, ADK Electric, LLC has combined state-of-the-art electric expertise with a "make it happen" business philosophy.


From the start, our management team has focused on several key objectives:

  • Make the electrical contracting "painless" and "seamless" for construction management.
  • Have a "can do" and "make it happen" approach to business.  Our clients want an electrical contractor who shows up on the site and just gets the job done.
  • Keep current with changes in technology and how technology in other areas can impact electrical installation.
  • Have a broader perspective of the scope that electrical contracting can include.  Other wired and wireless technology offer the potential to be seamlessly integrated into our services.

Ari Karagiannis


Ari Karagiannis is the founder and President of ADK Electric, LLC, and is himself a third generation master electrician.   Ari's vision was to create an electrical contracting company that approached business the same way our clients do.  An integral part of a broader definition of our "service" is to understand what our clients need - - - and deliver it.  Without exception, our clients need a sub-contractor who is responsive, business-like, on time, and just finds a way to make things happen and get it done in a manner that's painless for construction management. 

Many changes have occurred in the world that also impact electrical installation and construction management, and Ari made a commitment early on to accept these changes and adjust our services accordingly.  Not stick our heads in the sand and leave it up to other people to figure it all out.  Cable TV, security systems, surveillance, early networking,  broadband internet, and now the wired and wireless world of streaming data have all been developments that have occurred during the life of ADK Electric, and we've continuously made the investment to keep current and comprehend their opportunities for our business.

Today, Ari's vision for our company continues to be focused on providing our services to clients in a "painless" manner and keeping a broader perspective of our services to include new wired and wireless technology.

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